Brave the shave


So on 25th of August I will be shaving all my hair off and before you think I have gone slightly insane (even though I kind of am), this is all for Macmillan cancer support.

I am very excited about the idea of doing something quite drastic for charity but also a bit nervous to go all out and be bald. It’s not a hair style I ever thought about getting before.

Then again I just have to remember there are people out in the world who have harder battles in front of them, than just going out to go and get there head shaved.

I am very big supporter of Macmillan cancer and everything they do for people with cancer and also their families.

When my mum was battling cancer she loved going to Macmillan support and it gave us at home a break from the scary big C.

So that’s the reason I am going bald for everyone who is going through this battle and for all their families.   Also for my mum who didn’t survive but will always be an inspiration to me, who was very strong and brave through the whole experience.

I am now finally doing something for a very great cause that helps so many people, and if that means being bald for while then I am cool with that.

My hair will grow back but some people can’t get there loved ones back.

So please can you go to my brave the shave page to see how much I raised or to even donate.

Thank you



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