Keep calm


I may seem very cool and like I have it all together but in reality I can get very anxious and stressed, sometimes over the smallest and silliest thing like public transport or being late.

Some days I would love to just stay in bed all day, in my pyjamas and do nothing ALL day. But I cant, sadly.

So here is how I stay sane, in my crazy world.

Books, lots and lots of books are a great way for me to forget about what is happening around me in the world,  I do mainly all my reading on the train to college which helps pass the hour of that morning to and the evening home perfectly, unless I have an assessment which is then dedicated to last minute revising, BLAH!!

I love listening to music and badly singing along to some of my favourite tracks, if I have forgotten a book for god knows what reason, I`ll happily stick my head phones in and ignore the world. I have found my favourite place to listen to great music other than going to gigs and festivals is on the bus, so I can ignore all the pain in the backsides that also get on the bus with me.

Why is it the weirdos use buses, anyway.

I also made the recent purchase of an adult colouring book, and I don’t mean like a naughty coloring book that’s like odd porn or something but one designed to keep the grown ups entertained. Greatest purchase and the most fun one I have ever made as a `Grown Up` ;).

Bath bombs from lush and a lazy soak in the bath are also a great way to wash away the worries, oh yeah I went there, especially if its the intergalactic bath bomb with all its glittery, minty goodness.  mmm so good. 

The last way to keep me from going to total crazy cat lady level is meeting up with friends, family and socializing with real people,  going out shopping, going for food or my favourite to the cinema.



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