Hair no more



Here you go, a lovely photo of me with next to nothing hair.

It was definitely an experience and I kind of miss my longer hair. When I woke up this morning I did feel like I was missing something and was very strange not having to sort out the birds nest of what is my usual bed head.

I did have a nightmare that some how during the night half my hair grew back into kind of like an uneven and a very matted mess. That would fall over my face and the worse part was I couldn’t do anything with it because it would just grow back into the long horrible mess, and looked like I should have been in some kind of horror movie. Eeek. Luckily I woke up to it still all shaved off.

Having short hair also feels very different, it’s like at that awkward length where it’s spikey but feels very soft, but there is also nothing I can do about the spikeyness but look like a hedgehog for awhile. That’s a good look? Right 😏.

After the shave I did have to go for a shower, since I am pretty sure there was more hair on my body than on my head.

The plus side is I now take shorter showers and now don’t have to worry about drying my hair, or really doing anything with it.

I still can’t believe the amount of money I have managed to raise in what only feels like a very short space of time.

I hope it helps Macmillan cancer.

Tomorrow I am off to Dublin and can not wait to get away, it’s been years since I have had any kind of holiday.

Hopefully I’ll get plenty of photos to share on here with you guys.

See you in a week.



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