At the end of August I went on a girls holiday to Dublin, and if you have not been its a defiant must go to holiday destination.

It may not have the most predictable sunny weather but doesn`t that just adds to the charm. Luckily though when I went it was great weather.

Where we stayed at for the duration of our stay was Grosvenor Lodge, it was a very gorgeous apartment overlooking some tennis courts and the owners were very lovely, meeting us at the apartments, then they also told us some of the best places to go to and where the best places to get taxis from.

Before me and my friends left for our adventures to Ireland, we were told by everyone that it was a veery expensive place to go and visit.

Now that we have been, I personally thought it wasn’t any more expensive than any other city I have been to and maybe a wee bit cheaper. The taxi weren’t expensive and neither was the food or drink.

But if you choose stay to the tourist area then that’s going to be a bit more pricey but if your willing to have look further then you’ll find the better places.

So here is a quick look back to what we did,

Our first day was spent in Dublin searching for food and drink.

Second day we did a bit of retail therapy, of course ;), and some more eating and drinking.

Third day and final day, Yes it was only a very small holiday but it was still a holiday to me. This day was also my favourite day. This day didn’t have spectacular weather and this was of course the day we decided to go to Dublin zoo, which was still brilliant, saw all the animals and dodged the showers. Its definitely worth a visit.

After that we went to the Guinness Factory and  I had the best time seeing all the old adverting, and we got taught how to properly taste a Guinness and I can now pour a perfect glass of Guinness. At the end of the tour you also get as part of the price a pint of Guinness, which went down nicely too.

Dublin is now one of my favourite places I have visited and I am hoping to go again very soon for a bit longer than I did last time, and maybe next time seeing a bit more of Ireland as well.

So if you are reading this and have been thinking of going, then do it. The people are friendly, food and drink are great. Its a very beautiful city with so much to see. Lastly its not overly expensive at all, I have no idea were anyone gets that idea, London is far more expensive than Dublin.

Here are some pictures I took on our travels to the Guinness factory and the zoo.

IMG_2578     IMG_2572   IMG_2574   IMG_2573    IMG_2575     IMG_2579      IMG_2576      IMG_2581    IMG_2582

Just two pics from Dublin Zoo, there of course was more animals but trying to get past the kids was a battle, :).

IMG_2500   IMG_2488


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