Top 5


Every so often I will write done my 5 favourite things I love to use or cant live without, and this could range from beauty and make up products, to books, movies or anything really.

So to kick start of this weeks `My top 5` I will be featuring my favourite apps.

Mostly everyone will have a phone and we all have those apps we cant live without, sadly.

Some of you may be familiar with these app that keep me of mischief during the day, when life gets that wee bit boring.

  1. Instagram, I love to post cat selfies, food pics and to have a snoop some random photos.
  2.  Facebook, so I can keep an eye on what everyone gets up to.
  3.  Tumblr, I can just sit and scroll through this one for hours for no reason.
  4.  Pinterest, its becoming a bit of a problem how much I like this app.
  5.  Polyvore, its a fashion app. I love making up my own styles, and eyeing up all the clothes I cant afford.
Most of these apps you probably have heard of and use, but these are the ones I can get lost in for hours.
Comment below if they are any apps that you love and I may need to know about.

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