Lets start a book club


At least 2 hours of my day are spent on a train, and in those 2 hours I read because I am a massive bookworm :).

Since I have started back to college I have already read 3 brilliant books.

The first book I read on my train journey to college was the sequel of “To kill a mockingbird”

When I heard there was going to be sequel to my favourite book ever, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a copy. “Go set a watchman” was better than I had expected it to be.  Harper Lee has such a brilliant talent in story telling.

Ever since finishing “To kill a mockingbird” I have wanted to find out what Scout has been up to and now finally my needs have been met and I get to know more of her story.

The plot of this story is set in the 1950`s and Scout is now 26 years of age, so a few years have passed since we last saw her. Scout tells us of everything that has happened over the years that we missed in small flash backs, and we also learn more about Scout now and her differing views from her loved ones, the discrimination in that era, and how she learns and changes from it.

Its a book that everyone should definitely go pick up and read.

I wont talk about all three books in this post but over next few days I will share with you my recent reading list.



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