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I have very problematic skin and sometimes doesn’t do as it told. For a while I found it very hard to go out and buy face washes and moisturisers that wouldn’t irritate my face.

So after a while of trying a few different things and few doctors appointments later, I found my favourites that have worked wonders and transformed my skin.

😀 YAY!!

  1.  To start this off, Biore face wash in charcoal cleanser and ice cleanser . I alternate between using both and they may not be the cheapest face washes out there but they are bloody good and last a very long time.
  2.  Yes to!  is the best moisturiser I have ever purchased. I wouldn’t try anything else now, it’s has transformed my skin and I no longer worry if I will come out in a rash when putting something on my face.  Again a bit pricy but it lasts for months and smells delicious.
  3. Boots, Botanics, night cream this another product that doesn’t do terrible things to my skin and works wonders. Not as pricey but still lasts a long time, and it is also full of the good stuff. (Also just realised isn`t in the photo. Ooops)
  4.  Lush is now my favourite place to buy all my beauty products but my chosen one product is Happy Hippy shower gel, it smells out of this world and also works brilliantly on my short hair too.
  5.  last one and the most incredible thing I have discovered in the past few months is Coconut oil!! and I have noticed a change in my skin and hair after using it.  Everyone should invest in a tub of this,  It really does works Miracles and live up to the hype.

Those are a few of my favourite things that I have started to use that have helped keep my face and body free of being a bit yucky and just not that very nice 😷 , and given me back some control and confidence.



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