Winter Blues


Christmas is over,  the New year has begun and now we are all either back at work or school.

The saddest part is, it only just feels like I was enjoying the  time off, in between the Christmas shopping, the New Years celebrations and those days in the middle where we didn’t know if we were coming or going.

But I’m also glad to be getting back into some sort of routine, but I’m still not quite ready for the early mornings and college work, that may have got forgotten about. Oops 🙈.

To help me get on with my day, I am staying awake with strong coffee, listening to my favourite album of the moment,  where has it been all my life.  The Weeknd’s Beauty behind the Madness.  This album has helped me Ignore the world around me until I can cope with the fact I have to socialise and leave the comfort of home.  Basically until  I can be a functioning human.                                                          Also to keep my imagination working, I have started The Watchers by Neil Spring and what I have read so far is pretty good. I’m hoping to read a lot more this year, so starting off well.

My only New Years resolution this year is to actually save money this year and not to be tempted to buy anything I probably don’t need.

Also finally do the things I have been putting off, it has to be done at some point so why not do it today.

So here’s to another year of many more early mornings lots more books, music,movies, new experience and spending time with the ones I love.

I hope you had a good Christmas and a very happy new year.



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