Top 5


When there is a song I love, I will play it non stop until I can not listen to it anymore.

So the songs that I have on repeat at the moment are,


You and I

This is their new single, released for the Deluxe edition of White Noise.

There is also another new song on this album which I also  cant wait to hear.

At the moment I cant get enough of this song because its everything I love about this band and is so catchy. Even when I heard it on Radio 1`s Rock show on Sunday for the first time and I only caught the last minute of it but I fell in love.

I am a massive fan of this band and their music so cant wait for new music even if it`s jus a couple of songs at the moment, I will be getting the album.

Zara Larsson

Lush Life

This a song  that gets me up and dancing every time it comes on, my cousin made me listen to it a couple of weeks back and this will definitely be my song for the summer.  A song that can put a smile on my face.



This song surprised me how good he was, since I was never really a fan of One Direction even if there was a few songs that I quite enjoyed from the band but there nothing that really got me on my feet and declare my love for them.

But this song got me singing a long, and sadly couldn’t help but fall in love with it. I can also say I know all the lyrics now and feel no guilt.


Keeping your head up

This song gave me goose bumps when I first heard it and made me want to go and dance in field full of flowers.

Very beautiful.

And that voice is something else.

Coldplay and Beyoncé

Hymn for the Weekend

There is always a song from a new Coldplay album that I listen to constantly and this is it. I wouldn’t say I’m a massive fan of all there songs but this one is beautifully done from start to finish.

Its like listening to a story and for song I feel like I’m there with them.

So there is the music on my playlist, and the music that’s helping me get ready for summer and the warmer weather.


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