What I`ve read



/70The books that I have been reading this month are `Being Mortal` by Atul Gawande and `The Museum of Extraordinary things` by Alice Hoffman.  These books are very different from each but were both still dazzling to read.

`Being Mortal` is all about illnesses, death and mortality.  When I bought the book, everyone told me it was a marvelous book to read and I cant disagree with them.  Atul Gawande, the author of the book is also a Doctor, so he is able to talk about how he has dealt with death and illnesses as a professional  but also how he has dealt with these situations in his own life, and learnt from the expirence when writing this book.  It has really opened my eyes to many things on terminal illnesses, what its really like to die with dignity and growing old.

The next book that I picked up was `The museum of extraordinary things` it is a charming love story that is set in New York during 1911, there are many big events that happen throughout this book that eventually bring two people together.  The book also takes us through the lives of both characters from when they were younger until they eventually meet.

There are also many different and extraordinary characters to read about in this book. Also some of this story is based on two great moments that did actually happen in New York at the time but of course the rest comes from the imagination of the author.


If you are looking for something new to read and are wanting something a bit different to read that not a fiction book then Atul Gawande should definetly be your choice and he also has another two books to choose from.

But if you are looking for a good love story with an interesting story line and characters then have a look at Alice`s book.




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