What I’ve read


As you can probably tell I love to read, and the past month this is what has been stuck to my hand

The Gracekeeper by Kirsty Logan.

I was first drawn to this a while back from the front cover, the illustration is very beautiful and then decided at the end of April to finally go and buy it.  I was so  glad that I did, I love how it was set in the future when the ice caps have all melted and now most of the world I covered in water.  That really intrigued me since this is a topic that always comes up, especially because of global warming.

Throughout the book we follow the lives of the main characters, the first being Callanish who is a landlocker but now spends her time administering burials out at sea, and then North who works with a floating circus that travels across the sea that stops at each small island that are left.

This is a story of how each of them suffer loneliness, love  and finding a future.

Sunset Song by Lewis Grassic Gibbon

Is classed as a great Scottish novel and I never had the opportunity to read it when as I was at school like some of my other peers but has always been on my radar.  I fell in love with this beautiful novel and can see why it is a classic. Though some of my friends who did read it me said they didn`t enjoy it, I can see where they would say this because at the begining it can be quite difficult to follow but as soon as you get introduced to the Guthries it gets easier to follow and more enjoying.

It follows Chris Guthrie a Scottish farming girl who suffers throughout the stories some great loses, she falls in love and how she finds her place in the world.  It also shows the harder side of the great war for the loved ones who where left behind.

What also made love it even more is that it is Scottish and has Scottish words throughout, but don’t worry the back tells you what most of them mean for the some of you who cant speak scot.

The versions of Us by Laura Barnett

This was the last book I read at the end of May, this is a story that follows Eva and Jim from the first day they meet in 1958 when they are at the tender age of 19 up until the present day.  But the twist that drew me to this book was that tells us the three different versions of what could have happened throughout their lives, each one being different and showing how their lives could have been very different.

I have always wondered what my life could have been like if some things hadn’t turned out the way they did.

I am now finished for the summer and will try and make time for reading, but if the summer will bring some good weather then that might not be too hard and I have definetly got plenty to read.


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