I would never be able to do a monthly favourites because I don’t think I have enough favourites throughout the month to make it an entertaining read, but once in a while I will talk about the things that I have really been obsessing over.

Some of these recently have been new music from older artists, food of course, tv shows and youtubers, so lets just get into it.

All Saints / Red Flag

when I was younger I liked a few of All saints songs but enough that I  would ever have called myself a huge fan, but now I cant get enough of there new Album.   This has got to be the best comeback album, I have ever listened too.  This girl group have returned stronger than ever. There are not many new girl groups that I would say would be worth going crazy over and there was a definite need for  more women empowering music, and this album gives me all that.

Orange is the New black

I definitely got in to this quiet late, I’m not one for getting in to all the hype but this lives up to all the expectations and more.  I am so pleased that the new seasons has finally been released it feels like it was a long wait, worth it though.   In-between work and other life stuff, I have only managed to get half way through but it will most likely be finished  by tomorrow.

Game of Thrones

This needs no description on why its been my whole world at the moment, but I am going to be lost after the season finale tomorrow, I may have to watch them all over again in preparation for the next season.

Nakd fruit bars

These are the most delicious and healthy snacks out there, I usually just love all food and can never pick a favourite but at the moment I cant stop going out and buying 3 or more of these bars. Plus the best thing about these, they are only made up of good foods and I don’t feels guilty when I scoff them by the ton.

The Michalaks

This family have been my favourite on youtube for a while, they are the most interesting to watch, always have good content that doesn’t get boring half way through. There is always so much effort put into the production and quality of the videos, plus the music used just adds another element to their vlogs. I know really look forward to a Sunday so I can watch one of their videos.

I think that is  everything that I am totally in love with at the  moment. I’m sure there will be more over the coming weeks since some of my favourite shows will be ending soon         😦 but I’m sure I will find something else to fill the void.


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