My handbag essentials


As someone who is quite nosey, I do love finding out what people carry around with them every day, even if it is boring.  It can definitely tell you a lot about a person from what they have in their handbag.

For me I like to be organised mess, a bag inside a  bag kinda gal to keep everything in its place.  There is also a few other objects that have to stay with me at all times even if it’s not that essentially important but these are;

A Book or two 

I always have to have a book, so I can read anywhere. I also plan on reading all the books, so I need to get that reading in where ever I can, so that why I sometimes have two.


So I can always make sure I have kiss ready lips at any moment.

Medicines, plasters and tissues

Like paracetamol, rennies and hayfever tablets. It’s always good to have a small medicine cabinet just in case any emergency happens and you need a tissue.

diary and pens

In case any important plans and dates come up and need written down and your phone has given up or have no space left to keep this important info.

Also the usual other things like keys, phone and purse which is handy to have on you as well as the other crap that keeps you weighed down.


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