women crush Wednesday, kind of


I know its not Wednesday, but I meant to start this the other day and forgot but since I am writing this on a Wednesday it still counts.

So since that is out the way, I will tell you who I have chosen as this weeks crush and this women has definitely been a crush of mine for quite awhile, okay drum roll…

Its Emma Watson.

I have loved her all the way back to her Harry Potter days, she has incredible style, very smart, an amazing actress, is going to be Belle and is so smart.

Emma Watson was the one that made me more aware about feminism with her He for She campaign and that I am feminist, but also now I can read more into feminism with her book club called Our shared shelf which is on Goodreads if you want to check it out.

She also inspired me to feel okay about reading and wanting to educate my self, and that it can be sexy to be smart.

Miss Watson also always looks flawless on the red carpet especially at the MET Gala, the outfit which was made from recycled plastic and each bit can be separately worn again, but even without make up still looks stunning.


She will be of course my crush and inspiration for a very long time.



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