How I keep calm




Over the years I have managed to design my own coping mechanisms for staying calm when feeling anxious, I have also found websites and apps that have been very helpful to staying calm under the pressure.

I try and not let my anxiety take control but sometimes it can not be helped.  Those moments when you feel the churning in your stomach begin and the head spinning.

So here are the ways to my calmer mind;

The Calm app

This app has taught me how to meditate and to learn how to take a minute  out for myself.  I have used this app a few months and I love how you can change the background and the soothing sound, I have went with the summer meadow and the sound of a soothing breeze through the plants.  There is also different meditation practices, if like me have never meditated before.

The blurt foundation

They have a facebook. instagram and I have recently gotten email newsletter. I love this blog, how they always have something interesting and something uplifting to read.  I have found many hours of reading, that has helped me calm down and not feel alone.


I have tried many times to get into doing yoga and now I have discovered the YouTube, yoga instructor Adriene aka ‘yoga with  Adriene ‘ and have started to enjoy doing yoga, she also has a very soothing voice that makes it feel easier to do, in the comfort of your home.  The biggest plus is after I feel so relaxed, calm and found an activity that takes a few minutes out the day for just me.


This is website that has helped me to understand more about anxiety and some other ways to help stay calm, with a lot that can be printed out and can be filled out. Which was also very  fun to do and learn, so that I know more about what I have been living with.

There are other ways to stay calm, for example reading a lot, helps to forget the unnecessary worries with the problems of others.  But taking a moment out for yourself is always okay.

These are some of my techniques and with some other techniques that will stay with me. But these have helped me out for a while. I hope some of these help you too.




*photo from google



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