finally, the wait is over…


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On July 30th, at 11.30pm, a crowd had started to gather in anticipation at Waterstones for the release of the 8th Harry Potter, script book.  The Cursed Child. 

This has been the most anticipated book release since probably the last Harry Potter book which feels like a life time ago.  One of my favourite parts about going to the midnight release of the script/book and seeing everyone who was there, the different age ranges and all the ones who dressed up as their favourite characters.  I also loved how it just wasn’t the kids there and how everyone was extremely excited to finally get their muggle hands on the Cursed Child.  While we waited for midnight you could keep yourself entertained by taking photos with the cart next to the platform 9 3/4, with the sorting hat and the staff had made other different props.

The staff were also dressed up and they even brought owls along to join in on the fun and they were soo cute.

So on Sunday the 31st, it was the birthday of Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling, happy belated birthday to them both. I finally sat down to read the next journey in Harry Potter life and its starts off from where we left off with the gang off in the last book.  I have never been so excited to read anything in my life and have spent many random hours suddenly wondering what could possibly be happening next in the life of Harry, his friends and family, and now I can finally find out.

By the Monday, 1st of August I finished the script and I had all the feelings going on, I cried, laughed and it was everything I had hoped for and even more. It was just spectacular.

The script/ book of the next movie of the wizarding world, which is also based on the school book Fantastic beasts and where to find them will be out in November and it  has already  been pre-ordered and I now can not wait to get into even  more of the wizarding world.

Also I have to say that it was the quickest I have ever read anything in my life, and was very impressed with myself :D.

All I want to do now is go and se the play production but all the tickets are gone but I am going to keep ,y eyes out and I will be down to London before you can say Harry Potter.

My inner child has never been more happy.

I do know that there has been a lot of confusion from some of the readers expecting a novel and not the script from the new play production, so just a wee reminder before buying that it is a script.




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