One Year on


On the 18th of August 2015, I had my head shaved to raise money for MacMillan cancer support, and it was one of the best experience of my life.  I had managed to raise way more money than I had ever thought I could raise thanks to all my family and friends. I first thought £300 would to much to ask for but I managed to go way further than that and raised a fantastic £985.50.

Also the experience of going bald was so empowering and not having to worry about doing my hair for the past year has been brilliant and saved me so much time.

After I had the whole head shave, so many people would tell me “You have a great head shape” or “I would never be able to do something like that” but personally I never felt more beautiful or myself than when I had no hair.

At first I was worried what people would think of me for having no hair and if they would judge me unfairly for the chose I made but it was all in my head and really nobody cared that much, and I had the best time without hair.  I am now more confident with the shortest and most daring hair cut.

This may sound ridiculousto some but I have realised I am not defined by my hair or my looks and that we shouldn’t worry so much by what people think of the way we look like, hair doesn’t make you more beautiful that was already there.

Some days I do miss having longer hair and being able to my hair up but there are also days I really want to shave it all down again cause I miss it so much. Maybe one day I will do it again but for now I am enjoying seeing what my natural hair colour looks like.

I am also glad I was able to do something so daring for Macmillan and help them raise money, they have helped my family through hard times and how they help so many through the difficult times that come with the endless battle with the big C.  I was finally able to finally give back for all the help.



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