Exam Results


This is the time of the year when everyone will be getting the results back from exams, and since its been a while since I received my results and the wounds have finally healed I can share with you that there is a good life past bad exams results.

The only good results I achieved were my standard grades and the assessments I did during the year but when it came down to the final exams, I always f****ed up, a couple would be good but I cant say I would be the star pupil.

I even spent £300 to re take English to try and get a better result and I somehow did worse than the first time, can I call that some sort of talent and can I get a refund.  Also  Every time I would open up my results I would cry buckets, like I never have before.

For a very long time, well it felt like it, I had no clue what I wanted to do.  I didn’t sit around doing nothing but I wasn’t doing anything that brought me any joy.  So one day I decided to do something about my life, which I never thought was possible from results but I finally found something that suited me. A Fashion Merchandising course, it was only NQ but that didn’t matter cause it was something I was interested in and I had good enough results for getting in. To make it even better I passed the entire year, even got an A and got in to the HND retail management course which I have passed the 1st year ad not long till I start my second year.

If the second year goes as well as the first I could even go on to university, that is something I never thought would be possible for me to do.  I could also find a job of my dreams after I finish college, which sounds terrifying and every so often when I think about it, I am little bit sick but all the exciting things should be a bit scary or so they say.

The moral to this is even though the results may be pretty rubbish but there is always another way round to what you want to do in life and its a good way to getting to know how it feels to be adult in the real world, since anything rarely goes to plan.

Enjoy the rest of your life because this will be the easiest it will  ever be.


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