Merry Christmas 


Here are a few things that make my Christmas feel extra festive , special and ready for the big day. 

My top 5 favourite Christmas movies ?

  1. Love actually, which is also my all time favourite movie all year round.
  2. Home alone and home alone 2, I can’t choose which one is better 
  3. The grinch 
  4. All the santa clause movies 
  5. Scrooge 

There is obviously way more movies I love at this time of the year but these are just the top, I have to watch every year kind of ones. 

Favourite Christmas music ?

  1. The entire Micheal Buble Christmas album, he is now mr Christmas 
  2. The Darkness – Christmas Time 
  3. Mariah Carey- all I want for Christmas, of course Christmas doesn’t start till this comes on.
  4. Frankie goes to Hollywood – the power of love, this isn’t necessarily a Christmas song but heard it every year since I can remember so it has become part of the season. 
  5. Paul McCartney- we all stand together, this is another song that I don’t think is a specific Christmas song but I always remember hearing it and the music video is something else. 

Favourite part to a Christmas dinner ?

The roast potatoes, especially ones made by my uncle. 

Also the gravey. 

Favourite Christmas pudding ?

Trifle and it is always made specially for me, which means plenty for Boxing Day breakfast. 

Favourite Christmas drink? 

I have recently became more obsessed with this over the past month and it is mint hot chocolate. It taste like melted after eights 😊 

A real tree or fake tree?

We have a fake tree but I would prefer a real one.

Prefer to give gifts or receive?

I always have more fun giving apart from the stress of actually buying it. 

Good at wrapping or terrible?

I wouldn’t say I am the best but they aren’t awful looking.

Can you name all of santas reindeer?

Rudolph, Donna, blitzen, Comet, and the rest I have no idea. So definitely not. 

Who would you kiss under the mistletoe?

Ooh, for me it would have to be Channing Tatum every time. 😘 😘 

Ps photo isn’t mine but googles


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