New year 


Well Kylie Jenner was kinda right about 2016 being a year of realising things, and we can’t deny that it has been an intriguing year. 

I am one of those who don’t believe in any of this ‘New year, New me’ stuff, but learning from what has happened in the past to make ourselves and those around us the best and happiest we can be.

For 2017 I am going to do more stuff I like to do, like art, writing and yoga. I need to learn to be a bit more selfish and learn to be less critical of myself.

The main thing I realised in 2016 was to focus on my mental health and improving it, which I am definitely going to carry on with because I already feel like the person I want to be isn’t hidden by anxiety. 

Finish college and hopefully find a job I really enjoy. 

I am also definitely going to go to Disney world, even if it kills me.  I have dreamed of going and this is definitely the year to achieve that finally. 

2017 already feels like a year achievement, learning and happiness.  That’s what I want to happen in the coming year. 

I hope everyone had a good night and here’s to a new year and may it be better than the last. 


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