What I`ve been reading.


As you can tell this has been what I have been reading this year so far, I canot belive we are in April already were has this year gone so far.  So in January I read Jojo Moyes “Me before You” and the sequel to that “After You”.  I loved both these books and became so invested in Lou Clarks life, from her struggles and how her life changed after meeting Will Traynor.  I have never cried so much when reading a book and this one made me weep, I was an emotional mess at the end of both these books.

I was soo pleased when I found out Jojo Moyes announced that she will be continuing on with Miss Clarks story and another book will be out next year.

I then moved on to another emotional book, “A Monster Calls” by Patrick Ness but the concept of this book actually came from Siobhan Dowd, who sadly passed away from cancer before having the chance to write this herself.  This has also been adapted into a movie, which I have still yet to see but after reading this book cannot wait to get my hands on a copy.  The story follows Conor, a young boy going through a tuff time as his mum goes through treatment.   Then one night a monster shows up, and wants Conor to tell him a story but not any kind of story, the truth.  I think this is aimed at a younger audience but is definitely a book to be read for all age groups as it is an experience everyone will know of someone going through or like me have been through.

Also when I saw the book I couldn’t resit in buying the illustrated copy by Jim Kay to this and loved all the pictures will reading, they were so beautifully drawn.

I then moved on to a Non fiction book called “Anxiety for Beginners” by Eleanor Morgan, which is clear from the title what this book is about, but it is also the first hand account of anxiety from the author as well, as investigating other forms of Anxiety.  She has done her research, and shared some of her own experience making this very relatable for anyone living with mental health problems and making you feel less alone on your journey.

The Most recent finish is “The mime Order” by Samantha Shannon, the second book in the series of “The Bone Season” I have already read this once, ages ago but since there was the release of the third book “The Song Rising” I needed to read it so I was ready for the next, and I am glad I did.  After reading it a few years later, I noticed bits of the book differently than I may have done before and knowing the end result made me think of Paige differently.  So now I cannot wait to get into the next book of the series.

The book I am currently reading at the moment is “Beautiful” By Katie Piper, this is the memoir of one inspiring women’s life after an acid attack.  She has had a life changing experience mentally and physically but has been extremely brave to share it with the world.  Katie Piper has achieved so much, even though I have only just started reading this book have learned so much about who she is, as I was only slightly aware of her before but now I am a huge fan of this incredible women.  I cant wait to learn more about all the work she has done since the attack from her charity “Katie Piper Foundation”, her TV series and read her other books.





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