Beautiful By Katie Piper, was the most inspiring book I think I have ever read and now a huge fan of this incredibly strong and beautiful women.

I don’t normally choose to read autobiographies, but after being recommended by two people to read it, I thought I would give it a go.

If you haven’t heard of Katie Piper, then you must be hiding under a rock, but she is the women whos ex had assaulted and raped her, then paid someone to throw acid over her.

The book goes through her life before, the running up to the attack and then after, through her treatment, the trial and how she was finally able to move on.  Just reading the book at the point of the attack was difficult and heartbreaking I could never imagine how she felt during and after the attack.

She now has set up her own foundation, The Katie Piper Foundation to raise money to help other’s gain the same treatment and help she was given. She has also done a few different documentaries on her journey and other similar issues, that are worth a watch.

There are other books she has written that I​​​​ will be moving on to next. She`s an incredible women, who has managed to make great things happen and shown courage at such a difficult time in her life and then to be able to help others.


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