Funny Girl 


This is a book I have had for a few years and one of those ones I have meant to get around to reading but then there is another new book I buy and this one get shoved to the back.  Well I have finally brought it out and it was very good.

It’s about a northern lass moving to London to follow her dreams to become the next Lucille Ball.  Its how she become the Funny Girl on TV, and takes you behind the scenes of her finally getting on the telly, becoming a house hold name and everyone involved. It’s great look into the British sitcoms of the 60s.

It has been so well thought out that when I was reading it thought it was based of a trueish story but is all from the imagination of Nick.

This is the first book I have read by nick Hornby but have seen movies and TV shows he`s written like “An Education”, “About a Boy”, “Brooklyn” and “Love, Nina” to name a few.



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