A meal in winter 


A meal in winter is by Hubert Mingarelli, its only 138 pages, so a  short book.  This is another book I bought a while back and forgotten I had it.  I sometimes just wander around Waterstones when I have spare time and buy books that look interesting and then accidently forget about them until a few months later, and then its a nice surprise for myself.

This book has great reviews, so was interested to see what it was like and for a short book it has great story about three German soldiers during ww2,  who are sent out to find a Jew to bring back.

Its when they stop on their journey back, for something to eat that they become aware of their “own personal consequences become clear”, while confronted by a pole who wants to join them and the Jew they have captured.

This is one of those books I will go back to again, its interesting, very moving and doesn’t take long to be drawn in to the life’s of these soldiers, who have a job to do but know deep down that what they are doing is wrong.


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