20 years of magic 

Book club

It has now Been 20 years since Harry Potter, the boy who lived and captivated the world but I didn't discover this phenomenon until a few years later on Christmas Day, and it changed my world for  the best. 

Since that faithful day I had to have every book on the night released, even begging my parents to take me along at mignight  just so I could guarantee a copy in case they sold out and also cause I couldn't wait any longer to have a copy in my hands. 

Then making sure I saw every movie when they came and buying anything to do with Harry Potter. 

Even though the books and movies have finished, there has been an entire world created and expanding every year into something extraordinary. 

With all these moments, I can't wait to see what's to come next and I'm still filled with the same joy as I was all those years ago opening that Christmas present, and I know  all the stories off by heart, there is always magic in every word and even more to discover everyday. 

My only trouble with the series is I can't actually live in it, but at any opportunity I can to experience the wizarding world I grab with both hands. 


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