I had some time to spare before starting work, it was a gorgeous day and decided to go on an adventure in town.
I thought I had seen everything worth seeing in Stirling but was wrong.

I went by Stirling castle but steered of slightly and found a bit more.
I went in to the medieval church of Stirling. Church of the Holy rude, one of the oldest and was the place where James VI king of Scots was crowned.

Who new walking around a grave could be so beautiful, charming and slightly haunting.

I never realised how much to see and do within this town. It's now going to become a more regular wee route to take a walk when I have an extra hour to spare, rather than looking round the shops.

I've decided to try and make the effort to go and explore what's on my door step, and a lot of it's free which is another perk.

These photos below are from a different more typical Scottish weather kind of day, but still as interesting adventure.


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