Autumn ūüćā


I recently went on Autumnal walk, somewhere in Scotland, I think it’s place called The hermitage, never heard of until that day and still not 100% sure where it was apart from it’s in Perthshire.

But was amazing afternoon, and felt kind of magical with the beautiful scenery. There is nothing else though I can say about this walk because I would never be able to give it justice.

Also I’m not blogger or writer of any form and just wanted show of the photos I took from our walk.

Oh and one tip if you fancy going make sure you have change for the parking.




I had some time to spare before starting work, it was a gorgeous day and decided to go on an adventure in town.
I thought I had seen everything worth seeing in Stirling but was wrong.

I went by Stirling castle but steered of slightly and found a bit more.
I went in to the medieval church of Stirling. Church of the Holy rude, one of the oldest and was the place where James VI king of Scots was crowned.

Who new walking around a grave could be so beautiful, charming and slightly haunting.

I never realised how much to see and do within this town. It's now going to become a more regular wee route to take a walk when I have an extra hour to spare, rather than looking round the shops.

I've decided to try and make the effort to go and explore what's on my door step, and a lot of it's free which is another perk.

These photos below are from a different more typical Scottish weather kind of day, but still as interesting adventure.

20 years of magic 

Book club

It has now Been 20 years since Harry Potter, the boy who lived and captivated the world but I didn't discover this phenomenon until a few years later on Christmas Day, and it changed my world for  the best. 

Since that faithful day I had to have every book on the night released, even begging my parents to take me along at mignight  just so I could guarantee a copy in case they sold out and also cause I couldn't wait any longer to have a copy in my hands. 

Then making sure I saw every movie when they came and buying anything to do with Harry Potter. 

Even though the books and movies have finished, there has been an entire world created and expanding every year into something extraordinary. 

With all these moments, I can't wait to see what's to come next and I'm still filled with the same joy as I was all those years ago opening that Christmas present, and I know  all the stories off by heart, there is always magic in every word and even more to discover everyday. 

My only trouble with the series is I can't actually live in it, but at any opportunity I can to experience the wizarding world I grab with both hands. 

A meal in winter 


A meal in winter is by Hubert Mingarelli, its only 138 pages, so a  short book.  This is another book I bought a while back and forgotten I had it.  I sometimes just wander around Waterstones when I have spare time and buy books that look interesting and then accidently forget about them until a few months later, and then its a nice surprise for myself.

This book has great reviews, so was interested to see what it was like and for a short book it has great story about three German soldiers during ww2,  who are sent out to find a Jew to bring back.

Its when they stop on their journey back, for something to eat that they become aware of their “own personal consequences become clear”, while confronted by a pole who wants to join them and the Jew they have captured.

This is one of those books I will go back to again, its interesting, very moving and doesn’t take long to be drawn in to the life’s of these soldiers, who have a job to do but know deep down that what they are doing is wrong.

Funny Girl 


This is a book I have had for a few years and one of those ones I have meant to get around to reading but then there is another new book I buy and this one get shoved to the back.  Well I have finally brought it out and it was very good.

It’s about a northern lass moving to London to follow her dreams to become the next Lucille Ball.  Its how she become the Funny Girl on TV, and takes you behind the scenes of her finally getting on the telly, becoming a house hold name and everyone involved. It’s great look into the British sitcoms of the 60s.

It has been so well thought out that when I was reading it thought it was based of a trueish story but is all from the imagination of Nick.

This is the first book I have read by nick Hornby but have seen movies and TV shows he`s written like “An Education”, “About a Boy”, “Brooklyn” and “Love, Nina” to name a few.




Beautiful By Katie Piper, was the most inspiring book I think I have ever read and now a huge fan of this incredibly strong and beautiful women.

I don’t normally choose to read autobiographies, but after being recommended by two people to read it, I thought I would give it a go.

If you haven’t heard of Katie Piper, then you must be hiding under a rock, but she is the women whos ex had assaulted and raped her, then paid someone to throw acid over her.

The book goes through her life before, the running up to the attack and then after, through her treatment, the trial and how she was finally able to move on.  Just reading the book at the point of the attack was difficult and heartbreaking I could never imagine how she felt during and after the attack.

She now has set up her own foundation, The Katie Piper Foundation to raise money to help other’s gain the same treatment and help she was given. She has also done a few different documentaries on her journey and other similar issues, that are worth a watch.

There are other books she has written that I‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč will be moving on to next. She`s an incredible women, who has managed to make great things happen and shown courage at such a difficult time in her life and then to be able to help others.

The Next step…


At the moment I am trying not to panic over what to do next with my life and if it is all going to go down hill from here.¬†wait don’t¬†think like that, ¬†It is going to be great, I will have everything finished and passed by the 2nd.¬†¬† I am also going to be getting a phone call soon telling me I have a job to go to and I will not be poor or useless.

But then I panic that I am useless, idiot who can not do anything and forever destined to only work in the family bakery that I HATE and also may I add rubbish at, though saying that I am pretty good at eating everything, as cakes are my only friends.

I have applied to everything I can, I have waited around for the phone calls or emails that have eventually driven me to wanting to pull my hair or burst in to tears.¬† I have had some success, most recently an interview that went really well and had high hopes for but that was 2 weeks ago now and I am not to sure it went as well as I thought.¬† It also leaves me wondering what did that person that I don’t, better grades, a better face, who knows,

I just really want a job secure before I finish college, but that doesn’t look like it will be happening any time soon, so just praying that I have something for before July would be great or else I will really loose it.

And by losing it I mean shutting myself of from the world and becoming a hermit that spends no money since I will have nothing to spend.

That may seem extreme to some and I know that there are plenty of others who have it worse but how can I contribute to society if I don’t have anything to give.

This all could becoming from my anxious mind which doesn’t like to help at keeping me rational or logical¬†and this will all be a worry for nothing but till then I am going to be the one in the corner crying and cradling her phone till she hears some good news.