What I`ve been reading.


As you can tell this has been what I have been reading this year so far, I canot belive we are in April already were has this year gone so far.  So in January I read Jojo Moyes “Me before You” and the sequel to that “After You”.  I loved both these books and became so invested in Lou Clarks life, from her struggles and how her life changed after meeting Will Traynor.  I have never cried so much when reading a book and this one made me weep, I was an emotional mess at the end of both these books.

I was soo pleased when I found out Jojo Moyes announced that she will be continuing on with Miss Clarks story and another book will be out next year.

I then moved on to another emotional book, “A Monster Calls” by Patrick Ness but the concept of this book actually came from Siobhan Dowd, who sadly passed away from cancer before having the chance to write this herself.  This has also been adapted into a movie, which I have still yet to see but after reading this book cannot wait to get my hands on a copy.  The story follows Conor, a young boy going through a tuff time as his mum goes through treatment.   Then one night a monster shows up, and wants Conor to tell him a story but not any kind of story, the truth.  I think this is aimed at a younger audience but is definitely a book to be read for all age groups as it is an experience everyone will know of someone going through or like me have been through.

Also when I saw the book I couldn’t resit in buying the illustrated copy by Jim Kay to this and loved all the pictures will reading, they were so beautifully drawn.

I then moved on to a Non fiction book called “Anxiety for Beginners” by Eleanor Morgan, which is clear from the title what this book is about, but it is also the first hand account of anxiety from the author as well, as investigating other forms of Anxiety.  She has done her research, and shared some of her own experience making this very relatable for anyone living with mental health problems and making you feel less alone on your journey.

The Most recent finish is “The mime Order” by Samantha Shannon, the second book in the series of “The Bone Season” I have already read this once, ages ago but since there was the release of the third book “The Song Rising” I needed to read it so I was ready for the next, and I am glad I did.  After reading it a few years later, I noticed bits of the book differently than I may have done before and knowing the end result made me think of Paige differently.  So now I cannot wait to get into the next book of the series.

The book I am currently reading at the moment is “Beautiful” By Katie Piper, this is the memoir of one inspiring women’s life after an acid attack.  She has had a life changing experience mentally and physically but has been extremely brave to share it with the world.  Katie Piper has achieved so much, even though I have only just started reading this book have learned so much about who she is, as I was only slightly aware of her before but now I am a huge fan of this incredible women.  I cant wait to learn more about all the work she has done since the attack from her charity “Katie Piper Foundation”, her TV series and read her other books.





1 year 


Before the end of 2015, my cousin showed me an app that she had downloaded, were you take a picture of yourself everyday for a year ( for example) and then can turn it into a video. 

The app which is called Close – Up, for me sounded perfect to see how much my hair would change, which I had only a few months before had shaved it off for charity.

The hardest part was remembering to take the photo everyday and ended up being more like every month. 

But I do love the video that has been achieved  at the end of the year. Really good and interesting to watch.

I am hoping to be more successful this year coming and try to at least take a photo more often to see if next year is any better. 

New year 


Well Kylie Jenner was kinda right about 2016 being a year of realising things, and we can’t deny that it has been an intriguing year. 

I am one of those who don’t believe in any of this ‘New year, New me’ stuff, but learning from what has happened in the past to make ourselves and those around us the best and happiest we can be.

For 2017 I am going to do more stuff I like to do, like art, writing and yoga. I need to learn to be a bit more selfish and learn to be less critical of myself.

The main thing I realised in 2016 was to focus on my mental health and improving it, which I am definitely going to carry on with because I already feel like the person I want to be isn’t hidden by anxiety. 

Finish college and hopefully find a job I really enjoy. 

I am also definitely going to go to Disney world, even if it kills me.  I have dreamed of going and this is definitely the year to achieve that finally. 

2017 already feels like a year achievement, learning and happiness.  That’s what I want to happen in the coming year. 

I hope everyone had a good night and here’s to a new year and may it be better than the last. 

Merry Christmas 


Here are a few things that make my Christmas feel extra festive , special and ready for the big day. 

My top 5 favourite Christmas movies ?

  1. Love actually, which is also my all time favourite movie all year round.
  2. Home alone and home alone 2, I can’t choose which one is better 
  3. The grinch 
  4. All the santa clause movies 
  5. Scrooge 

There is obviously way more movies I love at this time of the year but these are just the top, I have to watch every year kind of ones. 

Favourite Christmas music ?

  1. The entire Micheal Buble Christmas album, he is now mr Christmas 
  2. The Darkness – Christmas Time 
  3. Mariah Carey- all I want for Christmas, of course Christmas doesn’t start till this comes on.
  4. Frankie goes to Hollywood – the power of love, this isn’t necessarily a Christmas song but heard it every year since I can remember so it has become part of the season. 
  5. Paul McCartney- we all stand together, this is another song that I don’t think is a specific Christmas song but I always remember hearing it and the music video is something else. 

Favourite part to a Christmas dinner ?

The roast potatoes, especially ones made by my uncle. 

Also the gravey. 

Favourite Christmas pudding ?

Trifle and it is always made specially for me, which means plenty for Boxing Day breakfast. 

Favourite Christmas drink? 

I have recently became more obsessed with this over the past month and it is mint hot chocolate. It taste like melted after eights 😊 

A real tree or fake tree?

We have a fake tree but I would prefer a real one.

Prefer to give gifts or receive?

I always have more fun giving apart from the stress of actually buying it. 

Good at wrapping or terrible?

I wouldn’t say I am the best but they aren’t awful looking.

Can you name all of santas reindeer?

Rudolph, Donna, blitzen, Comet, and the rest I have no idea. So definitely not. 

Who would you kiss under the mistletoe?

Ooh, for me it would have to be Channing Tatum every time. 😘 😘 

Ps photo isn’t mine but googles



I have been a bit lazy in writing anything on here but since I am having a sick day, thought I would do an autumn tag. 

1. What did you dress as for Halloween last year?

I dressed as a dead bride. 

2. What is your favourite fall food?

The same as the rest of the year pizza.

3: Do you have any fall traditions?

Maybe when I was younger but nothing much now 

4: Do you have any Halloween traditions?

Maybe when I was younger but now nothing special.

5: What music do you like to listen to during fall?

The same as the rest of the year and maybe some tunes that are hallowe’en 

6: What is your favourite fall outfit?

Anything that’s warm, jumpers, scarfs, jeans and dr martens.

7: Favourite spooky movie?

IT, hocus pocus or halloweentown. I’m not the biggest fan of scary movies 

8: S’mores or pumpkin pie?

I have never tried either but the s’mores sound better.

9: Hot chocolate or warm apple cider?

Warm apple cider

10: Do you like Pumpkin Spice Lattes? 😉

It will be my go to coffee order for the rest of the season.

11: What is your favourite day of fall?

When the clocks go back and you can get an extra hour in bed, bliss

12: What is the best thing about your town during fall?

In the area I live in there is an enchanted forest during the month of October which is pretty special

14: Tea or coffee?

Both, coffee to wake me up and tea because I’m British 

18: Halloween or Christmas?

Christmas but then again hallowe’en speak to my soul more 

19: Cats or bats?


20: Do you enjoy carving jack-o-lanterns?

I try to carve a pupikni

21: What is your favourite fall colour?


22: Spooky or sweet?


23: Trick or treat?


24: Do you enjoy visiting graveyards?

It’s no my go to destination for a fun time especially after seeing women in black, so no

25: What is your favourite fall memory?

Going out trick or treating as a kid

26: What was your best fall ever?

The one that comes to mind is when 

27: Gloves or mittens?

Gloves, mittens aren’t as practical 

28: Do you enjoy ice skating?

I have tried it, fallen over and kind of enjoyed 

29: If you could spend fall anywhere, where would you choose?

Disney world

30: What’s your dream Halloween outfit?

31: Be honest… are you already stocking up for fall?

I am always stocking up for fall 

32: Do you enjoy the other seasons?

I like summer because it doesn’t get get dark early and can spend more time outside

33: How do you plan to spend this Halloween?

I’ll be at home watching movies 

34: In ONE sentence… WHY do you love fall so much?

35: What is your favourite fall makeup look?

Dark lips

36: What is your favourite fall candle scent?

Christmas scents 

37: Do you enjoy Christmas?

The food is the highlight 

38: Do you enjoy cold weather?

It’s always cold in Scotland 

39: What is your least favourite thing about fall?

40: What is your favourite Halloween candy?

41: What is one thing you’d love to try during fall, but haven’t yet?

42: Do you enjoy rain?

Again it also rain a lot in Scotland 

Exam Results


This is the time of the year when everyone will be getting the results back from exams, and since its been a while since I received my results and the wounds have finally healed I can share with you that there is a good life past bad exams results.

The only good results I achieved were my standard grades and the assessments I did during the year but when it came down to the final exams, I always f****ed up, a couple would be good but I cant say I would be the star pupil.

I even spent £300 to re take English to try and get a better result and I somehow did worse than the first time, can I call that some sort of talent and can I get a refund.  Also  Every time I would open up my results I would cry buckets, like I never have before.

For a very long time, well it felt like it, I had no clue what I wanted to do.  I didn’t sit around doing nothing but I wasn’t doing anything that brought me any joy.  So one day I decided to do something about my life, which I never thought was possible from results but I finally found something that suited me. A Fashion Merchandising course, it was only NQ but that didn’t matter cause it was something I was interested in and I had good enough results for getting in. To make it even better I passed the entire year, even got an A and got in to the HND retail management course which I have passed the 1st year ad not long till I start my second year.

If the second year goes as well as the first I could even go on to university, that is something I never thought would be possible for me to do.  I could also find a job of my dreams after I finish college, which sounds terrifying and every so often when I think about it, I am little bit sick but all the exciting things should be a bit scary or so they say.

The moral to this is even though the results may be pretty rubbish but there is always another way round to what you want to do in life and its a good way to getting to know how it feels to be adult in the real world, since anything rarely goes to plan.

Enjoy the rest of your life because this will be the easiest it will  ever be.

Thing`s I cant stop thinking about


Some of my most recent obsessions of mine have been some very obvious ones,  food based and T.V shows.  You`ll see below all of the things that have kept me happy for the past few weeks.  Also I haven’t paid to say any of this I just like them so much that I want to shout it from the roof tops.

Stranger Things

To start everything off, Stranger things has got to be the best thing on T.V ever, I have never been so on edge about watching any television show.  I no longer have any nails and almost threw the T.V out the window a few times.  I am not the best at describing stuff but this is very Steven king and 80`s.

Revolution Liquid Lipstick

I have really wanted to try the Kylie Lipkit but I never have the money to get it and recently a lot more make-up brands have joined the band wagon and brought out there own.  sadly on the day I really wanted to buy one I didn’t have the money to spend on such luxuries like this and went for something a bit more cheaper but still pretty good.  I would definitely recommend going for this brand if you want a cheaper alternative, it has pretty decent colour pay off, easy to apply but it doesn’t last for a long time. So for £3.99 not bad.

La Roche-Posey Sun cream

Scotland is not known for its sunny weather but when we do actually get some sun, I like to make sure that I keep my skin healthy.  I chose this one because it is for sensitive skin and it was on a deal. It does not have a strong sent and when it is applied it doesn’t have that sticky feeling.

Delivino Pronto

This is a new take away opened in Crieff, that has become my food obsession. I have already been three times in two days, and its like having a party in your mouth.  Its also not just my favourite but my whole family have the  obsession for this take away.  we need someone to stop us before it becomes the only place we go to eat and gain an extra 100 pounds or more.

Mr Robot

I may be late to the game but I am glad I eventually joined, I now wish I knew more about computers and could hack in to computers, but I cant so I`ll just stick with watching the show.